Do you want more parental controls?

Kickin’ Kids App

Parental control in action in the Kids video app

Kickin’ Kids app

Kids are constantly glued to screens of all sizes. Parents are at the mercy of various video services, having little control over what their kids watch and for how long. Kids is an app designed for families with young children that offers all of the most popular kids content in a unique and personalized experience for each child while giving parents the ultimate control.

Platform and Personalization Engine powers the kids experience where kids discover categories of content by befriending fictitious characters. Kids consume content based on categories they can identify with such as bugs, cars, trucks and princesses. Parental power comes from our extensive parental controls which build profiles for each child and allow parents to set daily view time, age range of viewable content, track what each child has been watching, block content down to the asset level and more.