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Engines that Empower

To cost effectively build or augment a reliable, market ready product in a short timeframe, begin with our robust API engines.

Assortment of devices

Platform Engine Enable Rapid Development

Build an end-to-end application or augment a current environment by adding missing personalization and enhancement features. Our Platform Engine is well documented and easy to implement, getting your product to market sooner.

What can you build with aioTV’s Platform Engine?

Collections of Content
Present your users with highly curated collections of content.

Supporting Content
Automatically display supporting content for every asset in your catalog.

Global Search
Enable your users to search all content types and metadata fields.

Multi-Brand and Client Support
Use one tool set to manage multiple brands and clients.

Hierarchical Navigation
Create dynamic menus and submenus to control the display and grouping of content.

Rating and Genre Schemes
Manage and display content based on dynamic schemes.

Multi-Generational Collections
Organize content by category and multiple sub-categories.

Authentication and User Management
Multiple authentication methods and user management.

Multi-Source and Device Playout
Allow play out from multiples sources and devices.

Content Entitlement
Ensure customers get the content they are entitled to or upsell to unsubscribed content.

Flare Kids app on a tablet

Personalization Engine Let Your Customers Get Personal

Putting the right content in front of your customers is difficult. It starts with quality metadata and confident curation. The Personalization Engine API provides tools such as contextual filters, flags and controls to empower the customer to create the experience they desire.

What can you build with aioTV’s Personalization Engine?

Advanced Parental Controls
Take control of total viewing time, block by series or asset, limit content by age range, and more.

Multi User Support
Build the foundation of personalization through multi-user, group or household accounts.

Allow manual or auto generated topics to prioritize or hide topical content.

Content Controls
Give the user the ability to block or temporarily hide content globally or session by session.

Favorite Assets and Collections
Enable favorites, My Channel, or push recommendations based on user selections.

Use Big Data
Improve customer experiences through intelligent use of big data.