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Create robust metadata and captions to leverage your content.

Generate Rich Metadata from Raw Video Assets for Search, Discovery and New Ad Revenue Opportunities

aioTV’s MetaGenerator is a cloud-based AI solution that categorizes your raw content into indexed video data. Types of indexed data include what objects appear within a scene and at what times, optimal ad placement, cast recognition, and more. View more »

This annotative metadata gives you the power to maximize the value of your content by highlighting ad revenue opportunities that are contextual to what is on screen. This provides value to advertisers, giving them the ability to hyper-target their campaigns. A soft drink campaign target audience is men age 15-25? They know the content they watch, but imagine the increased impact of exposing them to an engaging message the exact time when people are consuming soft drinks with a positive sentiment.

How deep is your metadata? Go from raw video assets to metadata that is ready for search and discovery beyond the typical search terms.

WeatherNation TV Inc. is using MetaGenerator to create human-readable captions and accurate, descriptive metadata such as description, context, title, keywords, tags, categories, and topics so their users can then easily search and discover their video content.

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