Metadata Manager

Curation and personalization starts with quality gap free, augmented, and accurate metadata.

Enhancing Video Assets for Quality Metadata

Gaping, inaccurate, and weak sources of metadata do not allow proper curation of video assets. Metadata Manager builds gap free, enhanced metadata from your freely available and licensed content, giving you the perfect foundation to build on.

  • Manage and aggregate multiple sources of licensed and freely available metadata, then customize your data to perfection.
  • Automate metadata normalization and enhancement
  • Metadata is automatically corrected to overcome search fail due to inaccurate titles
  • Combine multiple sources of metadata and use AI to eliminate gaps including multiple aspect ratio images
  • Cumulative tagging to allow contextual search, discovery and personalization
  • Easily edit individual or batches of assets
  • Manage ingestion tasks and sources
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