How to Surface Your Videos in a Sea of Content

January 29th, 2018

Metadata is not new. What is new is the need for deeper and more robust metadata if you want your video content to be competitive in our multi-platform, multi-vendor consumption environment. Do you know how your content is being discovered and consumed on a daily basis? When is competitive content winning out over yours?

Get Discovered in Endless Content

Video content – both professionally produced and user generated – is being consumed at an all-time high. Netflix streams on average 125 million hours a day; 100 million hours of daily video watch time happens on Facebook; and 1 billion hours of YouTube content is watched per day.

All this content is in competition with each other and in many cases, with itself. If it is not searchable, it will be replaced forever in less than a second by new content. The same is true for your content library, which you have invested so heavily in, but is ‘sitting on the shelf’. Easy discovery ends up in higher user delight, loyalty, and increased MRR through ad and subscription revenue.

People viewing content

Video content is being consumed at an all-time high.

MetaGenerator generates accurate, robust metadata for your video assets to enhance your discovery in recommendation, personalization, and direct, natural language, and library search.

Quality, Accurate, Granular Metadata

With enriched metadata such as annotative, temporal tags and keywords that include content, brands, sentiment, and celebrity recognition, your content is set apart from the masses by showing up in an increased number of searches that are more relevant and less broad.

aioTV’s MetaGenerator identifies this metadata automatically and accurately, preventing hours and hours of work at a level of critical detail that is hard to reproduce by humans in a repeatable, timely, and cost effective manner.

Monetize Your Video Assets

So much time, effort, marketing, and budget resources are spent creating, promoting, and optimizing the production and distribution of a video. Despite this, many still do not get discovered. Video assets are often neglected – or at least not used to their full potential post-distribution, even though some incremental resources would extend their revenue generating life well into the future.

Monetization can be enabled on new and old assets with MetaGenerator even when they are past their prime. In addition to optimized discovery, MetaGenerator suggests ad placement, which matches context to the enhanced metadata. Campaigns for contextual ad placement can be planned easily and efficiently, no matter what the platform – traditional tv or digital.

To learn more about what MetaGenerator can do for the discoverability and monetization of your video content, contact us at or 303-482-1140.