Quality Metadata Does Not Exist

March 30th, 2017

Are you wondering why your customers get frustrated with their viewing experience?

To curate and present the right content to your customer, you need high quality, complete metadata. At this point, high quality OTT and web metadata is virtually non existent. Even traditional metadata providers have gaps in many fields with their licensed metadata.

Missing and inaccurate metadata makes it extremely difficult for customers to find the content they want through search, discovery, recommendation and personalization. This leaves the customer with an overall underwhelming user experience.

There are several reasons why this happens. The more complete the metadata, the better the results. For instance, when tags are absent, search and discovery based on context is impossible. Search logic is broken when titles are inconsistent such as when they include season or series data. Also, missing cast and crew data disrupts search logic, resulting in incomplete results when customers want to see more from certain actors or directors, etc.

The other key factor that enables a compelling end user experience is having metadata that is correct. Sources like YouTube notoriously have incorrect or misleading descriptions. This leads to a loss in credibility, as does a lack of images. This is especially true in an image based user interface.

The process for improving your metadata is a very tedious, manual, time-consuming series of tasks. Many times, this process is categorized as low priority or skipped altogether.

Build confidence in your video content with Metadata Manager, the easy to use cloud-based software by aiotv.

Ways that Metadata Manager and Composer will improve the quality of your metadata and content collections:

  • Metadata normalization: With countless descriptions, languages, and categories, normalization is an important step in the process of combining licensed and freely available sources of metadata into a uniform structure.
  • Metadata enhancement: The metadata can then be augmented and enhanced to perfection through merging assets from multiple trusted data sources. Metadata Manager gives you the ability to do this, in addition to fixing erroneous metadata.
  • Automated and manual curation with Composer: Efficiently and accurately build compelling and relevant collections of content with Composer, aioTV’s easy-to-use curation tool. This curation can be done automatically, while maintaining the ability to make manual improvements to collections.

Metadata Manager produces complete and augmented metadata so your customers will have the positive, relevant viewing experience they have always wanted.

To learn more or schedule a demo of Metadata Manager, contact info@aio-tv.com