Found: One Valuable Content Library

February 20th, 2018

You have been creating and distributing content for years. You’ve had some blockbuster hits, some cult favourites, and perhaps a few that have not had their chance to shine in this new OTT world. Combined, it is your content library.


According to Ericsson’s 2017 ConsumerLab TV & Media report, over 50% of broadcast TV viewers in the US say they cannot find anything to watch on TV at least once every day. This issue has yet to find a solution, as these numbers do not seem to improve year after year. The findings showed that viewers spend just as much time searching for content on VOD services. They often settle on something to watch simply due to browsing fatigue. 

The answer to the problem of discovery improvement is… metadata. Deep tagging well beyond title and genre will allow for a more natural consumer search experience. Viewers often don’t know the title of what they are in the mood to watch, they just know they are in the mood to watch ‘funny’ ‘movies’ with ‘Will Ferrell’. 

Even if some of your content is tagged, the older content is not likely tagged with any sort of deep metadata. Using AI and machine learning, MetaGenerator processes your content to automatically recognize, categorize, and apply deep metadata such as objects, brands, sentiment, activities, actors, transcript, and more. 

Fast forward to the benefits of having your content library fully tagged.


Give Your Old Content a Second Life

Not only does it improve general searchability, but the granular level of metadata will enable viewers to search something as specific as that ‘episode’ of ‘The Office’ where ‘Michael Scott’ says ‘noooo, please, no’ as inspired by a recent .gif. If parts of your content have gone viral in .gifs and memes, you should be reaping the benefits of the content being viewed. Obviously we cannot predict what will trend tomorrow, but with a library fully indexed with deep metadata you will be ready when it does.



To further reap rewards of your content being viewed and monetized, MetaGenerator will choose which intersected metadata elements would make an ideal advertising opportunity. For instance, ‘group’, ‘wine’, and ‘positive sentiment’ would be an optimal metadata intersection for a winery ad. It will generate temporal results of where that intersection occurs during the video. If you wanted to insert your ad during a scene break, these are also identified by MetaGenerator. Likewise, it also shows the optimal spot to place an ad overlay. If you are unsure of which intersection you want, you can choose from suggested placement opportunities using IAB categories that fit your product. Your advertisers, such as the winery, will see added-value in being able to reach customers through contextual advertising. 

Want to see a demo of how your old content can have a second life? Contact us at or 303-482-1140.