How to Fix Broken Metadata: A Case Study

March 15th, 2017

Customers are demanding to know more and more about what they are watching, why it was recommended to them, and how they can easily access more of what they want.


To meet customer demand, video operators are struggling to find ways to manually fix broken metadata. They are spending excessive amounts of time trying to identify gaps, access accurate content, and edit fields in an overwhelming amount of metadata.

Many times, this process is often deemed not feasible and is skipped altogether.

Because traditional metadata providers are supplying either incomplete or inaccurate asset data, it becomes nearly impossible for customers to find the content they want through search, discovery, recommendation, and personalization.

Customers are then forced to wade through irrelevant catalogs to find what they are interested in watching. Often, they will become frustrated and give up looking or turn to another video source. Ultimately, it is due to this lack of data that causes an underwhelming experience for customers on next gen interfaces.

If only there was something that could provide quality gap free, augmented, and accurate metadata.


Metadata Manager is a cloud-based software solution that enables video operators to efficiently bring normalized, enhanced metadata into their platform. Assets are automatically enhanced through trusted sources with Metadata Manager, making quick and intelligent decisions to automatically fill in missing or incorrect metadata.

Editorial team members are empowered by maintaining control over their metadata, while exponentially improving productivity. If necessary, each enhanced asset can be reviewed and edited before it moves back into your video distribution workflow.

The outcome is much more complete and robust content for the end user.


By using Metadata Manager, video operators are able to drastically reduce operational expenses related to managing metadata, while providing a meaningful, rich video experience for their customers.

Satisfied customers equates to a drop in churn rates, an increase in customer acquisitions, and enabling video operators to focus on business growth and company profitability.

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