Why We Can’t Resist Weather Videos

September 28th, 2017

Weather. It’s more than small talk. It is something that affects all of us, every day. In fact, searches for ”what’s the weather today” have grown over 160% over the past 2 years.

We want to be prepared.

We talk about it, search for it online, watch it on tv, listen to it on the radio, and read about it. We rely on those that make a living out of it so we can prepare for what is in the forecast. We want sun on our wedding day, rain on our farmer’s crops, and we need to monitor when disastrous weather is coming. Seeing weather videos from the past or in other parts of the country help us see first hand the type of weather we can expect.

We want to be part of the action.

In this age where many people have access to a camera and instant communication, we all love to share our weather videos. Whether it’s a double rainbow or a hail storm, we are quick to upload what we capture.

For professional weather video content owners and distributors, it is more important than ever to have an easily searchable, functional video content library that can quickly and easily be used across all video distribution platforms. This keeps their trusted brands visible and strong among the colossal amount of weather video content available on the internet.

We love immediate visuals.

Besides accuracy, timeliness is the most important factor when it comes to weather content distribution. Viewers are always searching to see what weather is happening locally and globally. They will watch the most new and popular videos that come up in their search.

This is another reason why professional weather video content owners must ensure their content is easily searchable. Metadata annotation has always been a time consuming, labour intensive, expensive process. Because of this, logging in-depth keywords is often sacrificed for the sake of speed. Unfortunately, this also means that easy searchability and discovery of the content is also sacrificed. Until now.

aioTV’s MetaGenerator automatically generates a title, detailed description, and granular metadata with efficiency and accuracy for weather video content. Users can then easily archive, search and discover video with accurate descriptive metadata such as description, context, title, keywords, tags, categories, and topics. This maintains the video’s quick time to market, while enabling enhanced discovery to a much larger audience.

For a demo of MetaGenerator, contact us at info@aio.tv or (303) 482-1140 or visit aio.tv/metagenerator to learn more.