NAB – aioTV Launches Composer – First of its Kind Curation Engine

aioTV continues to innovate with the launch of Composer, an industry first curation and personalization engine for ingesting, normalizing, curating and personalizing metadata that helps MVPD’s and content owners delight their customers. Composer offers all this through a clean UX and a comprehensive set of APIs, and allows integration in a matter of days and deployment shortly thereafter.

Current curation tools are often very manual and repetitive, trying to replace strategy with brute force. Composer automatically surfaces the right content into the UI and extends the content offering to consumers beyond licensed video to effortlessly include relevant and related web and OTT – all within the full control of the MVPD. This curation process all starts with Composer allowing operators and content owners to ingest multiple sources of metadata either from traditional or web sources and then normalize, edit and manage this metadata.

We have spent the past 6 years researching, developing, and perfecting the art of the Curation Engine which ultimately feeds into the advanced search and discovery we all expect today. A Curation Engine is a combination of recommendation engine, personalization engine, and the right mix of human curation tied to automated programmatic/algorithmic work flows. It can be argued that the time of the Curation Engine has come and that recommendation engines are simply not enough to power the context aware, hyper local, and personalized approach that the consumer expects as they deal with an ever growing list of video services and sources. “We find that human curation, mixed with our auto curation and personalization allows operators to delight customers, find efficiencies within their curation teams and enhance their content monetization strategies, all from one easy to use tool” – Mike Earle CEO

Our RESTful APIs make it easy to plug directly into legacy middleware/client solutions from TiVO, Minerva, Ericsson, Accenture and X1, as well as homegrown solutions. We’ve reduced the stress on MVPD’s and content owners by requiring minimal effort to start development and integration efforts. This means development starts in days, not weeks and enabling in market impact in weeks, not months.


About aioTV

Since 2010, aioTV have been on the forefront of content curation, providing software solutions allowing providers to create a rich user experience and delight customers through improved personalization. aioTV’s executive team has over 100 years of experience in this space and continue to drive innovation in consumption, packaging and distribution of video, shaping the modern TV experience.

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