aioTV Launches OTT API and Curated Composer Toolset for Multi-Channel and OTT Providers

Denver, Colorado USA – January 05, 2016 – aioTV Inc., a global provider of the world class OTT toolset aioTV, today announced its OTT API, Composer toolset and hand crafted curation service Editor-in-chief for MVPD’s looking to merge OTT with traditional multi-channel and OTT providers looking to blend multiple sources of OTT content into unified experiences.

“The unification of OTT with legacy multi-channel has become table stakes for MVPDs as consumers spend more time connecting with online content,” said Mike Earle, aioTV CEO. “Our API enables MVPDs to easily integrate OTT with their current multi-channel service across their existing infrastructure.”

Built specifically for OTT, aioTV’s Composer now allows MVPDs and OTT providers to easily curate content from multiple sources into relevant and related collections of video. aioTV’s Composer toolset combined with the Editor-in-chief human curation service provides the first hybrid approach where algorithmic curation meets human curation.

“Composer does a superb job creating relevant related collections of video,” said Mike Earle. “the Editor-in-chief service provides the craftsmanship that can only come from our hand crafted human curation service”.


About aioTV

aioTV is a platform and a ’first of it’s kind’ software toolset that helps operators organize and curate video assets into meaningful, compelling, and personalized new experiences for their consumers by augmenting licensed video services with OTT for any audience. The company’s cloud based composer tools and orchestration engine provides the ability to design, package and control an offering leveraging existing infrastructure, billing systems and DRMs for quick and seamless implementations.