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Access the Full Value of
Your Video Content

Capitalize on your video content. Subscriber and advertising dollars are being divided among the growing content distribution landscape.

Capture viewers attention by presenting relevant video content based on context, sentiment, and advanced tags. MetaGenerator uses AI to generate rich metadata that goes well beyond title and theme so they can discover exactly what they want. Indexed video data enables advertisers to have an exponential impact by identifying hyper-targeted contextual ad revenue opportunities within that content.

Viewers are looking to discover new content all the time. Stop spending all that time manually correcting and completing metadata.

Efficiently manage and augment your video metadata to deliver continuous discovery for your viewers with Metadata Manager.

Make it easy for your viewers to find more of what they want.

Easily curate video content into relevant collections with Composer.

Powerful APIs for Your Next Project

Personalization Engine User Experience Personalization

Is your recommendation engine providing results that are meaningful to your customers?

Enable automated and customer driven personalized experiences through the use of contextual filters, flags and controls.

Platform Engine User Interface Engineering

Need an easy way to build or augment a customer facing app?

Enable missing product features or build your end-to-end application through our powerful API.