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The all-in-one toolset that creates the ultimate video experience.

MetaGenerator Metadata Generation Tool

Give your viewers the exact content they are searching for and capitalize on it with contextual ads with MetaGenerator. Extract annotative metadata from your raw video content such as:

  • Keywords: Identifies searchable keywords
  • Sentiment: Whether the scene is positive or negative
  • Objects: Time stamped appearance of objects
  • Brands: Brands are identified within scenes

Metadata Manager Metadata Enhancement Tool

Properly curate your video assets with enhanced metadata with automated help from Metadata Manager:

  • Ingest and combine multiple sources of licensed and freely available metadata
  • Customize your data to perfection
  • Eliminate gaps by combining multiple sources of metadata
  • Easily edit individual or batches of assets

Composer Automated and Easy-to-use Curation Tool

Create specialized and relevant collections of content your customers will love through Composer:

  • Publish or promote collections through scheduling
  • Curate meaningful collections based on trending topics
  • Normalize and merge OTT content with licensed content
  • Use internal or big data to influence your collections edit individual or batches of assets

Powerful APIs for Your Next Project

Personalization Engine User Experience Personalization

Is your recommendation engine providing results that are meaningful to your customers?

Enable automated and customer driven personalized experiences through the use of contextual filters, flags and controls.

Platform Engine User Interface Engineering

Need an easy way to build or augment a customer facing app?

Enable missing product features or build your end-to-end application through our powerful API.